The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has been the source for education, resources, information, and membership for real estate management professionals for more than 75 years. An affiliate of the National Association of Realtors®, IREM is the only professional real estate management association serving both the multi-family and commercial real estate sectors. With 80 U.S. chapters, 13 international chapters, and several other partnerships around the globe, IREM is an international organization that also serves as an advocate on issues affecting the real estate management industry.

Membership includes more than 18,000 individual members and 515 corporate members. IREM promotes ethical real estate management practices through its credentialed membership programs, including the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation, the Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) certification, the Accredited Commercial Manager (ACOM) certification, and the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) accreditation. These esteemed credentials certify competence and professionalism for those engaged in real estate management. In addition, IREM offers Associate, Student, and Academic memberships.

Friends of the Month

2014 Officers

Chapter President: Betsy Miller, CPM

Chapter President Elect: Valerie Schmidt, CPM

Chapter Secretary: Vickie Whitaker, CPM

Treasurer: Tracy Williams, CPM

Association Executive: Tracy Puleo


Executive Council Board Members

Cynthia Haines, CPM
Brian Davies, CPM
Kerri Toth, CPM
Lori L. Thomas, CPM
Brenda Pritchard, CPM
Beth Makowski, CPM

Mission Statement:

IREM’s mission is to educate real estate managers and certify the competence and professionalism of individuals and organizations engaged in the management of real estate. IREM serves as an advocate on issues affecting the real estate management industry, as well as enhancing and supporting its members’ professional competence so they can better identify and meet the needs of those who utilize their services.

Statement of Vision:

Through IREM’s education, training, certification, marketing support and advocacy, members benefit by access to new market opportunities and increased abilities to exploit them, timely information, trends, useful interpretations and relative advice. Members also receive the enhanced ability to obtain and retain clients, obtain and retain tenants and manage the value of property and related services.

From the Desk of the President:

Dear North Florida Chapter 35 Members and Friends:

It is important to remember that our IREM Chapter 35 is its Members. It's not just a designation, Headquarters in Chicago or the educational programs but a membership of individuals with a common interest .... the profession of real estate management. It is a living organization and its life's blood is its members and their individual contribution.

When I first became a candidate some 15 years ago the Chapter was pretty much non-existent. There were no local Chapter meetings, offerings or other communication. One day I was contacted by Lori Thomas, CPM, who invited me to my first IREM meeting. That was back in 1999 and there were 3 attendees. Lori had just moved from New Orleans to Jacksonville and agreed to be President. The Chapter was at risk of being dissolved and if it were not for the individual efforts of Lori Thomas, Jack Davis and a few other dedicated individuals we would not have a local Chapter.

Each year our Chapter has grown and built on its previous successes. We've had great leadership by members over the last decade each contributing to the Chapter's success. Today our Chapter meetings average 35 attendees, we sponsor local educational offerings, have a reserve fund, an awesome IAE, Tracy Puleo, and so much more. We are healthy now but we need to continue to nurture the Chapter in order for it to thrive. Fortunately we do not need Herculean efforts by individual members as in those earlier days but don't let compliancy set in. Mentor a candidate, join a committee, become part of its leadership. All of us are IREM Chapter 35!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting.


Betsy Miller, CPM

Chapter President 2014



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